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Is A Turkish-Based Leading World Wide Supplier of Storage Tanks, Semi Trailers, Skid Systems, Bobtail Tankers and Cylinder Filling Plants Specializing In LPG, Manufactured and Inspected According Major International Standards.


How Do I Import Equipment from CENTERGAZ ?

CENTERGAZ Company makes it easy for companies and businessmen to find what they want from the simple products list, Then the customer’s request passes through several stages, they are:

Receiving order

Finding the best product

Customs Clearance

Shipping and delivery


The company works on covering the needs of its customers from the local or global market of the main commodities and various production sectors, not only that but also guaranteeing all of that at competitive prices.

We in CENTERGAZ, are manufacturing and dealing with the best suppliers and manufacturers all over Turkey to secure our customers' needs We were keen to cover the industrial sectors and products that they request, such as:


LPG Storage Tanks

CENTERGAZ Provides a Wide Range of LPG Storage Tanks which can be installed above or under ground with capacities range from 1000 liters up to 250 m3 gas capacity.

مقطورة غاز.jpg

LPG Transport Trailers

CENTERGAZ Provides LPG Semi Trailers and LPG Bobtail Trucks with capacities range from 1000 liters up to 250 m3 gas capacity.


Electronic LPG Cylinders Filling Plants

CENTERGAZ Provides full automatic / semi automatic electronic LPG bottles filling carousel plants from 6 scales carousel up to 36 scales carousel.


LPG Plants Equipment

CENTERGAZ Provides LPG equipment such as  (compressors - pumps - valves - regulators - gas evaporators - dispenser gases - hoses - leak detection systems - counters) and all that the customer may need.

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